Know all modules available for your company.


Module 1 - Vendors registration

¡¡ Go paperless no more files!!!. Certiweb features allows vendor registration on line, including payment and tax information, as Well as document attachments section.

Module 2 - Invoice status

¡¡No more calls!! Vendors will have real time access to the entire information available regarding invoice Status, paid and open invoices.

Module 3 - Online tax certification

¡¡ Paper and time saving!! Vendor will download their tax certificates in just three easy steps.

Module 4 - Online alerts and communications

¡¡¡Massive real time communication interaction!! Our Platform has an integrated alert mail system, allowing vendors to know any updates on vendors Relevant information.

Module 5 - Quoting

¡Purchase optimization and real time information! On-line quoting. Compare all different criteria (price, time guarantee and history records).
Information fully centralized in just one place.

Module 6 - Purchase orders

¡ Speed up vendors respond time!!!. Vendors will have expedite information on purchase orders and will be notify automatically Via e­mail; Users can have access to their open orders, historic data and date sorting.